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Loans Company Near Me a Better Friend To My Friend Than I Am?

So, the other week. I was with my friend. Who by the way, is the world’s worst driver. I mean really. The. Worst. Anyway, she was driving us down the highway when I noticed a strange sound. You know, like oil crackling in a pan when it gets too hot.


As someone who values their life, I, of course, inquired about the noise. She responded very reassuringly with ‘oh don’t worry if anything was on fire I’d probably see it’. At this, I resumed the brace position as we weaved through the lanes of traffic at high speed.


After a few more miles, her engine cut out in the fast lane. After swerving through all three lanes without so much as a glance over her shoulder, we stopped at the side of the road where she delivered the delightful news that she believed breakdown cover to be a ‘waste of money’. Thus we spent the next 4 hours being pounded with heavy rain in mid-winter, as she demanded we wait until a friend of a friend of a friend could come out with his tow truck to take us to a garage. Call out fees for uncovered drivers were also a ‘waste of money’.


Turns out, her ahem ‘superior’ driving skills had caused her to, quite literally, drive her car into a state of such disrepair in a few months that the cost to fix it was way above what she could afford (and also what the car was actually worth in my opinion). But for some reason, she loved the car (probably because during one accident she had it came away unscathed despite ripping the entire side panel off of the bus she drove into).


She didn’t have the thousands of dollars spare to save her $500 heap of junk, so she turned me. Ha. Unfortunately, I believe that spending extortionate prices to fix a car that would look more at home in a junkyard than the street is, a ‘waste of money’.  So, off she went to Google ‘loans places near me’ for a company to pay for the repairs. ( Site she used: www.financeflamingo.com)

Long story short, last week I drove past her in her beat down car as she happily hurtled around a blind corner on the wrong side of the road.