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The Top Chiropractor SEO Keywords You Should Be Using

This is a post by my husband, who does seo for chiropractors. He wanted to share this guide, hopefully you find it useful! 🙂

Chiropractor SEO Keywords

Do you feel at a loss when it comes to the best chiropractor SEO keywords to use on your website? Does it feel like you are approaching SEO tools all wrong, and the keywords you’ve chosen aren’t getting the kind of results you had hoped for? Not to worry as we’ve put together a handy list of the top SEO keywords that you should be using for your chiropractic clinic website.

How Important Are the Keywords

Maybe you aren’t yet convinced of the importance of the keywords you use. In fact throwing in keywords isn’t good enough, they need to be the correct words and used the right amount of time. Another consideration is the length of the keywords, meaning how many words you use together. All of these factors play into how well your website will rank in Google’s search engine.

You can use long tail, natural, exact, and branded keywords with success as long as you’re using them correctly. There are some common mistakes that people make when it comes to keywords, these include:

– A term that is far too broad and vague

– Single-word terms

– A term that isn’t trending or popular

– Keywords that are so specific that it’s unlikely people will search for that exact phrasing

What Keywords to Include

As for what keywords you’ll want to include, there are a few that are absolute musts. Here is some of the phrasing you’ll want to incorporate into the site.

– chiropractic offices (insert your zip code)

– chiropractor (insert your town)

– chiropractors in (insert your town)

– (insert your town) chiropractor

– (insert your zip code) chiropractic

– chiropractic offices (insert your town)

While all of these keywords are effective, it’s not necessary to include them all. Remember you want to hit that exact right keyword density where it’s not too much, and not too little. There are plenty of free tools online that can help you determine if you are within the ideal parameters where density is concerned.

With the proper research you’ll be able to identify the most effective SEO keywords to use.

Here’s my husbands company website if your interested: http://www.savedbysearch.com