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The Used Cars Toronto Wants

Buying a Used Car in Toronto

When I decided to trade in my car and buy a different one, I knew it made much more sense to get a used car. I bought the car I wanted to get rid of new. I took out a 5 year loan to keep the payments down but I managed to pay it off a year and a half early. I loved that car but it really wasn’t worth keeping.

Here’s the thing. I never drove it. Well, I rarely drove it. I’d moved to the city the year after I bought it and walked everywhere or used public transportation. I walked to work, to the grocery store, out to the bar. I could get everywhere on foot. So, I figured, it’s probably worth a lot. It’s completely paid off. If I trade it in, I could probably get a good deal for it, buy a used car, and maybe even walk away with some money left over.

I decided to look into it. As it turns out, my car was in high demand. Most of the used car dealerships Toronto was home to were all in short supply of my car, but everyone was looking for it. So, I started shopping around.

I have to say, I didn’t expect very good treatment. Not because I was wary of the dealers but because I was basically going to walk away with a car and a bunch of cash. But, I mean, I was giving them one of the used cars Toronto is really looking for. So, in a way, I was doing them a favor.

As it turned out, the dealer that was willing to give me the most for the trade-in was thrilled that I chose to do business with her. She now had 2 of the used cars Toronto was going gaga over and was in talks to sell the one she had before I sold her mine. I ended up walking away with the same model, only 3 years older. Oh, and a really nice amount of cash, too.

I have to say, the whole experience was great. I was surprised at how easy it was. Plus, the saleswoman I worked with was pretty great. She was honest with me from the beginning and never made me feel like I was being pressured. In fact, I was more than happy to do business with her.

Now my next step is buying some good and very cheap car insurance no deposit. I’m paying way to much for auto insurance in Toronto. When I lived in texas, I paid like nothing for car insurance. My texas car insurance bill was less than my coffee budget in toronto. Let that sink in guys. And we’re talking about cheap car insurance no deposit, not some fancy full coverage car insurance here.