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No Deposit Car Insurance – You don’t need a deposit

You Don’t Have To Pay A Deposit For Cheap Auto Insurance

If you’ve ever bought cheap auto insurance you’ve most likely paid out for a hefty deposit. You might’ve been lucky enough to pay a small amount for the deposit but it’s most likely that you really had to splash out for it. That cheap monthly rate doesn’t seem so cheap after paying for that, does it? Finding very cheap car insurance no deposit doesn’t have to be hard.

Many experts say that you should switch companies often in order to get the best deal but this means paying that expensive deposit every time you switch. So the money you save in theory is negated by the deposit. It’s a catch-22 and you’re screwed either way.

Luckily for you, there is a way to actually have that cheap auto insurance with no deposit you’ve been promised. More and more companies these days are offering great auto insurance for both an inexpensive monthly fee and without a deposit. These companies might not always be the easiest to find but they do exist.

Some companies can offer you this same insurance with only a cheap, negligible deposit but why settle for that when you can have that same insurance without a deposit at all? Don’t settle. You deserve the best at the cheapest rate and it can be had. It might take longer to sift through the deluge and actually find it but you can find that diamond in the rough.

Oftentimes, insurance companies will drastically lower their monthly rates to make them seem artificially cheaper than they actually are by raising the price of the deposit to cover their backend.

So what looks like cheap auto insurance isn’t even cheap at all. Most people will not actually sit down and work out the total costs, factoring in the monthly payments and the deposit, so they don’t actually realise that they’re paying more.

But like many things, due to the internet and the ubiquity of companies offering their services, sleazy businesses are struggling to get away with screwing over their customers as much as they used to. With all the added competition that the internet is created, it makes it far more easier to find those somewhat elusive insurance providers who can give you cheap auto insurance without a deposit.

Strange Car Insurance Claims + Who do you think has the cheapest auto insurance?

So, I was casually performing a Google search for ‘very cheap car insurance no deposit’. Because, you know, I’m a responsible adult human who doesn’t like to spend excessive amounts of money on car insurance or pay for deposits.


Anyway, while trying to adult properly, I got distracted. Because what I found was a lot of stories about weird car insurance claims. Turns out, some people are less selective about making insurance claims than I am. And also unusually not embarrassed by their behaviour.


Here are some of the strangest ones I came across


  1. One woman ploughed into the car in front because. Wait for it. She was helping a magpie find his friend.
  1. A claim was made to one insurance company for a broken window. How did it break? From the driver’s own mouth ‘I thought my window was down. I found it was up when I put my head through it’.
  1. If ever there was a car insurance claim that the rest of the world would immediately know came from the US it’s this one. Coming from the man who accidentally shot his own car with a shotgun while taking it on a leisurely drive.
  1. Once, in France, a couple actually filed a claim for the paint job on their car after a herd of cows had licked it off.
  1. As if women drivers didn’t get a bad enough rep. One woman filed a claim after accidentally filling her petrol tank up…with shampoo.
  1. A great one from this guy, who apparently didn’t feel the need to lie to his insurers. ‘I was going at about 70 or 80mph when my girlfriend reached over and grabbed my testicles so I lost control’
  1. Finally, you know when you take a trip to the garden centre. Are driving around all slowly and carefully. And yet you still manage to dent your car. All because a camel popped up from nowhere and kicked it.


That last one makes me question whether I even know what a garden centre is. Also I went completely of track and wasn’t able to find any good insurance, although I did find an an interesting article on who has the cheapest auto insurance, which I’ll share with you: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/

Loans Company Near Me a Better Friend To My Friend Than I Am?

So, the other week. I was with my friend. Who by the way, is the world’s worst driver. I mean really. The. Worst. Anyway, she was driving us down the highway when I noticed a strange sound. You know, like oil crackling in a pan when it gets too hot.


As someone who values their life, I, of course, inquired about the noise. She responded very reassuringly with ‘oh don’t worry if anything was on fire I’d probably see it’. At this, I resumed the brace position as we weaved through the lanes of traffic at high speed.


After a few more miles, her engine cut out in the fast lane. After swerving through all three lanes without so much as a glance over her shoulder, we stopped at the side of the road where she delivered the delightful news that she believed breakdown cover to be a ‘waste of money’. Thus we spent the next 4 hours being pounded with heavy rain in mid-winter, as she demanded we wait until a friend of a friend of a friend could come out with his tow truck to take us to a garage. Call out fees for uncovered drivers were also a ‘waste of money’.


Turns out, her ahem ‘superior’ driving skills had caused her to, quite literally, drive her car into a state of such disrepair in a few months that the cost to fix it was way above what she could afford (and also what the car was actually worth in my opinion). But for some reason, she loved the car (probably because during one accident she had it came away unscathed despite ripping the entire side panel off of the bus she drove into).


She didn’t have the thousands of dollars spare to save her $500 heap of junk, so she turned me. Ha. Unfortunately, I believe that spending extortionate prices to fix a car that would look more at home in a junkyard than the street is, a ‘waste of money’.  So, off she went to Google ‘loans places near me’ for a company to pay for the repairs. ( Site she used: www.financeflamingo.com)

Long story short, last week I drove past her in her beat down car as she happily hurtled around a blind corner on the wrong side of the road.