So Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

Cheap car insurance. We all want it. Well actually, we probably all want free car insurance if we’re being honest. But failing that, cheap will do I guess.

So I’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you get the quote you want.

1. Shop around

Don’t just go for the first person that gives you a quote. Talk to other companies and see if they can beat it. Car insurance is a competitive business, and companies battle it out to become the one who has the cheapest auto insurance around. So there’s a good chance that the first quote you got wasn’t the best you can get. I recommend checking out:

2. Read the small print

I know no one actually reads all of the ‘terms and conditions’ before they sign their life away. It’s far too many words. But you should at least make sure you’re paying for what you need. And not overpaying for things you don’t. And that you know in advance what your insurance will and won’t cover you for.

3. Stray away from the ads

The company that advertises themselves as the bearer of the cheapest auto insurance may well give you a great quote. But then again that tiny insurance company from the small town you live in might give you a better one. Just because they’re not splashing the cash to advertise themselves as ‘the cheapest’ doesn’t mean they aren’t.

4. Keep your details up to date

You probably know that the amount you end up having to pay put for auto insurance depends on a huge variety of factors. So whenever your life changes, keep your insurance company in the loop. Getting married, moving house, getting a new job? There’s a huge list of factors that might leave you eligible for a new discount.