So, I was casually performing a Google search for ‘very cheap car insurance no deposit’. Because, you know, I’m a responsible adult human who doesn’t like to spend excessive amounts of money on car insurance or pay for deposits.


Anyway, while trying to adult properly, I got distracted. Because what I found was a lot of stories about weird car insurance claims. Turns out, some people are less selective about making insurance claims than I am. And also unusually not embarrassed by their behaviour.


Here are some of the strangest ones I came across


  1. One woman ploughed into the car in front because. Wait for it. She was helping a magpie find his friend.
  1. A claim was made to one insurance company for a broken window. How did it break? From the driver’s own mouth ‘I thought my window was down. I found it was up when I put my head through it’.
  1. If ever there was a car insurance claim that the rest of the world would immediately know came from the US it’s this one. Coming from the man who accidentally shot his own car with a shotgun while taking it on a leisurely drive.
  1. Once, in France, a couple actually filed a claim for the paint job on their car after a herd of cows had licked it off.
  1. As if women drivers didn’t get a bad enough rep. One woman filed a claim after accidentally filling her petrol tank up…with shampoo.
  1. A great one from this guy, who apparently didn’t feel the need to lie to his insurers. ‘I was going at about 70 or 80mph when my girlfriend reached over and grabbed my testicles so I lost control’
  1. Finally, you know when you take a trip to the garden centre. Are driving around all slowly and carefully. And yet you still manage to dent your car. All because a camel popped up from nowhere and kicked it.


That last one makes me question whether I even know what a garden centre is. Also I went completely of track and wasn’t able to find any good insurance, although I did find an an interesting article on who has the cheapest auto insurance, which I’ll share with you: